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Acrylic Sheet

Our company has been established in 2017 in Istanbul for the distribution of various plastic sheets and plastic resin and raw materials.

Due to extensive experience 14 years of plastic sheet processing & fabrication industry from our sister companies, we have seen the demand for especially acrylic sheets, offcut acrylic sheets, acrylic blocks, sound barrier sheets, cut-to size acrylic sheets, A grade and B grade plastic sheets, sanitary sheets etc.

We have combined our know-how for plastic sheets to meet the customer demands for plastic sheets distribution. We carry approximately 500 MT to 1.000 MT various plastic sheet & resin stocks in Dubai, Turkey and Europe warehouses.

Please contact our customer sales representatives for your inquiries, available stock lists and prices.

Acrylic Products

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A Grade Acrylic Sheets

A Grade Acrylic Sheets (Extruded & Cast):

We can supply A grade worldwide known branded acrylic sheets in various standard colors.

B Grade Acrylic Sheets

B Grade Acrylic Sheets (Extruded & Cast):

Our company keeps in average 200 to 500 MT B Grade Acrylic sheets. They have very minor defects as tiny spots on surface, black dots, size variation, thickness variation etc.

Offcut Acrylic sheets

Offcut Acrylic sheets (Extruded & Cast):

We can supply “off cut acrylic sheets” in various sizes with very competitive prices.

Cut to size acrylic sheets

Cut to size acrylic sheets (Extruded & Cast):

According your special size demand, we can supply “cut-to-size acrylic sheets” which will help you to cut the costs and increase your production cycle time.

Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Blocks :

We keep daily stock for “acrylic blocks” from 20mm up to 70mm. For your inquiries please send e-mail our sales consultants for updated stock lists. Special inquiries over 70mm can be supplied upon demand.

Sound Barrier Sheets

Sound Barrier Sheets (Extruded & Cast):

We always keep stock “sound barrier acrylic sheets” with & without black stripes. Thicknesses start from 12mm up to 20mm.

PMMA Resin

PMMA Resin:

We can supply both “standard & off grade” PMMA resins from very well known producers directly from factory.

MMA Methyl Methacrylate Resin

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Resin :

We are ready to meet your demand for both A grade and “Regenerated” MMA resin from reputable and trustable sources.

Solid Surface Acrylic Sheets

Solid Surface Acrylic Sheets:

We can supply A Grade and B Grade “Solid Surface Acrylic Sheets” produced in USA and Korea. We have various colors, thickness in standard sizes. Please send your inquiries to get our available stock lists.

Acrylic Rods Tubes Profiles

Acrylic Rods & Tubes & Profiles:

Here at our web site, you will find an extensive line of sheet, rods, tubes, channels and profile shapes made from the most popular plastics on the market. Whether you need a piece of acrylic to glaze a window, a block of UHMW to protect a piece of equipment, or a sheet of polypropylene to fabricate a fume hood, we have what you need.

Acrylic Applications

Most acrylics are polymers of methyl methacrylate (PMMA). Acrylic can be optically clear or cloudy, as in the case of impact modified acrylics.

Excellent optical clarity, Excellent weatherability and resistance to sunlight,Rigid, with good impact strength, Excellent dimensional stability and low mould shrinkage,Stretch forming increases bi-axial toughness

Transparent items such as: lenses, automotive trim, household items, light fixtures, decorator items, signage and point of purchase display, Aircraft canopies, Aircraft corneas , Boat wind shields, Cabin window, Catheters, Contact lenses, Counter dividers, Cover for freezers cabinets, Cut glass type chandeliers, Cover for coin operated record player ,Dentures, Dials, Dial for electronic instruments, Display boxes, Display racks, Dome sky lights, Fiber like orion and acerilon, Flower vases, Fluorescent lights fixtures, Fruit bowls ,Gunner blisters, Hospital equipment’s, Housing and hood for hair dryers, Instrument panels, Jewelry boxes, Lamp shades, Landing light covers, Light lenses, Luminous ceilings ,Medical examination instruments, Outdoor advertisement signs, Paper coatings, Quick drying emulsion paints, Search lights, Signal lights, Service trays